Figure from ROBOT, Moravec, Oxford, 1998, Chapter 4: Universal Robots, page 94
Vacuuming under furniture

This conceptual design for an automatic home vacuum cleaner of the near future is intended to function with very little instruction from its owner. It has omnidirectional wheels, stereoscopic eyes on all faces, and 1,000 MIPS of processing programmed to give it a 3D sense of space. The robot is shown vacuuming under furniture, at a docking station regurgitating accumulated dust and recharging with retracted nozzle, moving at an angle to clean room edges and corners, and topping up its batteries at a handy socket, using an optional ``field recharging arm.''

These 3D images were generated by Jesse Easudes using the ProEngineer program, and decorated with Photoshop.

Disgorging and charging Cleaning edges and corners A quick charge in the field