May 2007

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Press Highlights

How Low Can Geologists Go?
Astrobiology Magazine - May 22, 2007
The NASA-supported DEPTHX robot is a submarine designed to survey and explore for life in extreme regions on Earth and potentially in outer space. ...

Robotic submarine reaches new depths
New Scientist (subscription), UK - May 19, 2007
DEPTHX (Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer) is 2 metres wide, weighs 1.3 tonnes and is equipped with movement, depth, temperature, and salinity sensors in ...

Going Deep: NASA Uses Sinkhole to Prep for Jupiter
ABC News - May 18, 2007
NASA is using Mexico's El Zacatan, one of the world's deepest sinkholes, left, to practice for a future underwater exploration of the vast oceans on Jupiter...

NASA probes Mexican sinkhole as proxy for icy moon
Reuters AlertNet, UK - May 18, 2007
Scientists plan to map and take samples in the dark, water-filled fissure with the 1.5 tonne DEPTHX robot over the next two weeks as a prelude to the ..

Alien Ocean Probe Practices in Mexico
Discovery Channel - May 18, 2007
The expedition will be the most ambitious test in NASA's Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer, or DEPTHX, program. Researchers are using an unmanned automated ...

-NASA robot to explore 'bottomless' pit
MSNBC - May 15, 2007
A robotic yellow submarine will journey this week to the world's deepest sinkhole, which already has taken the life of one diver who sought to reach its bottom and discover the life that might exist there.

Underwater Robot Tested at Mexican Lake
FOX News - May 15, 2007
... than a decade," said project leader Bill Stone of Stone Aerospace of Austin, Texas, the manufacturer of the Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer, or DEPTHX. ...

NASA-funded Robotic Sub Makes Final Dive To Reach Bottom of ...
Astrobiology News (press release), VA - May 15, 2007
The Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer, known as DEPTHX, is a tangerine-shaped submarine designed to survey and explore for life in extreme regions on Earth and ...

NASA Robot to Explore 'Bottomless' Pit - May 15, 2007
The self-automated "DEPTHX" (Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer) will search the depths of the El Zacaton cenote, or geothermal sinkhole, for life and also ...

Robot to explore world's deepest sinkhole
CNet Blog - May 14, 2007
The NASA-funded robot, called the Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer (DEPTHX) , will be deployed Tuesday on a two-week mission into Mexico's El Zacatón ...

NASA Mission Explores World's Deepest Sinkhole
Science Daily (press release) - May 14, 2007
The Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer (DEPTHX) project is creating the autonomy needed to enable an underwater robot to map three-dimensional spaces like ...

Mexican Sinkhole May Lead NASA to Jupiter
Washington Post - May 14, 2007
It may not show up on MapQuest, but NASA scientists are betting that the best route to Jupiter and its ice-crusted moon Europa runs through an underwater cavern in Mexico...