• Siebel Scholar, Class of 2013
    I have been awarded the Siebel Scholarship for the year 2013. I am excited to be part of this prestigious group of scholars who are the very best in the fields of business, bioengineering, and computer science. I am very thankful to Tom Siebel for this wonderful opportunity. Find out more about the Siebel Scholars here.
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  • Fira World Cup, 2010

    I captained the IIT Kharagpur team for FIRA 2010 World Cup. We were the first Indian team to participate. Allthough we were overwhelemed by the competition, it was a good experience in our first year of developement.
    Click here for the article written by IIT Kharagpur campus magazine.
  • Entrepreneurship event, 2009
    I led a team with Nikhil Somani and Kinshuk Bairagi, to runner up position in IIT Kharagpur's entrepreneurship event. We made a remotely based robotic system which can beoperated remotely either via the internet or voice calls or even SMS's using intelligent hardware and concurrent message architecture.
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