Courses at CMU

Machine Learning

Instructor: Eric Xing, Aarti Singh
Project: Bootstrapping image classification with sample evaluation

Dynamic Optimization

Instructor: Chris Atkeson
Project: Balancing a humanoid on a bongo board

Kinematics, Dynamics and Control

Instructor: Hartmut Geyer
Project: Motion Primitives for an Autorotating Helicopter

Computer Vision

Instructor: Martial Hebert
Project: Visual Hull based 3D Reconstruction for Virtual World

Math Fundamentals

Instructor: Michael Erdmann
Project: Distributed Kalman Filtering for Range-Only Radio Networks

Relevant Courses at IIT Kharagpur (Project Based)

Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

Instructor: Amit Patra
Project: Fault Detection Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks

Control Laboratory

Instructor: G Ray
Project: Stabilization and Tracking Experiments on a Set of Mechanical Systems

Information Retrieval

Instructor: Pabitra Mitra
Project: Web Crawler Design

Control and Electrical System Design

Instructor: Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, Alok Kanti Deb
Project: Design of DC motor controllers, state estimators and Sigma Delta ADC

Embedded Systems

Instructor: Anupam Basu
Project: Features and Capabilities of the ARM processor

Embedded Systems Laboratory

Instructor: Aurobindo Routray
Project: Adaptive Filter Design on a DSP board

Soft-Computing tools in Engineering

Instructor: Sudhir Barai
Project: Google Map based Route Planning with Traffic Integration