Robot Soccer Team, Robocup Challenge India, 2010


In this project, we designed a set of 5 soccer playing robots to compete in the Small Size League of RoboCup. We participated in the inaugral RoboCup Challenge, India, 2010 and have been working to participate in RoboCup SSL League in the near future.


  • S. Choudhury "Strategy, Control and Design of Multi-agent Soccer Playing Robots", Bachelors Thesis, IIT Kharagpur (pdf).

  • Details

    The thesis enlists the details of the developement of the robot. For brevity, we only touch on the highlights of the developement. The problem statement is to enable 5 robots to play soccer against an opposing team. The robots are tracked with an overhead camera and control via radio is allowed. The infrastructure and code schematic is shown below.

    The initial robot was a differntial drive with a cylindrical shell. The interior of the robot along with chassis is shown below.

    To have a higher degree of flexibility and mobility, omni-directional drives were developed. The initial CAD diagram, and first prototypes of the robot is as shown.

    A master slave architecture was used to control the omnidrive. The two circuits are as shown.

    To retain possession of the ball as the robot moves, a dribbler was made. The material and shape of the dribbler ensured retention of the ball as it moved.

    To kick the ball in the goal, a solenoid kicker was developed.The kicker progressed from a simple 12V solenoid prototype to harnessing over 400V.

    We also developed a physics based simulator using microsoft robotics studio

    We continue developement with a set of 3 wheel robots which are more agile in nature.


    Here is project webpage for upto date work on RoboCup.