Project History and Prehistory

Grid produced from the office data set

Grid produced from the laboratory data set

Opposite far corner of the laboratory day, Lars, the first human imaged by this system, unfortunately seen from only two stereoscopic pairs, and lost in glare from the sunny window at right

The office data set, viewed from below showing debris in hidden areas

Orbit of the office grid map. Note spray of data and noise through open door, and projection of raincoat out the back.

Grid produced from the laboratory data set, but with a sensor model trained from the office set, showing the learning does not produce overly specialized results.

Calibrating our new sensor head

Position dots on the carpet

The first planned data-collecting run: 25 positions, four directions at each, three plain images and three textured images at each direction.

Learning set will be augmented by colors from sky eyes.

The other sky eye mount.

Later, the system will be used on our little robot PAN.