Image supplement for
ROBOT: mere machine to transcendent mind
Hans Moravec, Oxford University Press, 1998.

Chapter 1: Escape Velocity

    6: Community life and chipped silicon
  10: Up, then down
  11: Up, then down (cont)

Other chapter figures

Chapter 2: Caution! Robot Vehicle!
  16: Cart under SAIL
  18: 1950-Dr. W. Grey Walter operates on one of his light-seeking tortoises
  19: 1964-Two early versions of the "Hopkins Beast" feeding at a wall outlet
  27: 1970-Shakey the robot reasons about its blocks
  35: 1990-2D evidence grid of a difficult hallway
  39: 1979 and 1997-3D maps from stereoscopic images
  42: Carnegie Mellon's self-driving Navlabs

Chapter 3: Power and Presence
  58: MIPS and megabytes
  60: Faster than exponential growth in computing power
  68: The big freeze
  71: Agony to ecstasy
  89,90: Consciousness Raising

Chapter 4: Universal Robots
    94: Dustbot
    99: P2, an embryonic universal robot
  105: A conceptual universal robot
  108: Robot delivering package
  116: Twin robot assembling furniture
  124: Robot in kitchen

Chapter 5: The Age of Robots
  151: The basket starfish
  152: The juggler (side view)
  153: The juggler (bottom view)
  158: A synchronous orbital bridge
  160: A non-synchronous orbital "skyhook"

Chapter 6: The Age of Mind
  181: Simple time loops
  184: "Fixed point" finder
  186: "NP" solver
  188: Chess solver

Chapter 7: Mind Fire