Principal Investigator Martial Hebert

Overall Description

Carnegie Mellon researchers, in conjunction with the Ben Franklin Partnership, are developing a Real-Time Programmable Scanning Laser Rangefinder. The performance goals for the project are given below.

Hor. Field of View 360 degrees
Laser Rate 40 KHz
Vert. Field of View programmable degrees
Max Range 20 meters
Line Rate 2500 (40) rpm (Hz)
Beam Dispersion 1 mrad

Phase I


  • ERIM performance
  • Modular laser I/F
  • Programmable scan
  • Phase II


  • Dust Penetration
  • Environmental Hardening
  • Higher Line Rate (100 Hz)
  • Higher Laser Rate (150 KHz)
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Phase II is funded thru Sept 96

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