Current projects include:

Robotic Search for Antarctic Meteorites: autonomous mobile robot and sensors to locate and recover meteorites in Antarctica

Pioneer: a mobile mapping and reconnaissance machine for structural assessment of the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power plant

RoboHost: robotic tour guides for museums

Demeter: mobile robot for unmanned grain harvesting

AutoLoad: technologies to improve productivity and reduce costs of excavation in earthmoving projects

Lunar Rover Initiative: a pair of mobile robots for the first privately funded lunar mission with telepresence for public participation and education

Completed projects include:

The Atacama Desert Trek: a 200km-long exploration of the Chilean Atacama Desert by a prototype lunar exploration robot

Mobile Worksystems for Decontamination and Dismantlement: next generation mobile worksystem and scene analysis system for cleanup of facilities within the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex

Dante I & II: unmanned robots for volcano exploration deployed at Mt. Spurr, Alaska and Mt. Erebus, Antarctica

Tessellator: robot for automated inspection and waterproofing of the Space Shuttle's Thermal Protection System at Kennedy Space Center

Autonomous Recovery of Buried Objects: robotic excavator using terrain and subsurface perception

Ambler: unmanned robot for the Mars Sample/Return Mission

Locomotion Emulator: mobile robot for research in automated underground coal mining

FastNav: autonomous haulage system for strip mine haulage

Teleoperated robots for Three Mile Island: Remote Reconnaissance Vehicle, and Remote Core Sampler, and Remote Work Vehicle

NavLabs I & II: mobile robots with multi-modal sensing and distributed computing for unmanned ground vehicle research

Robotic Ordnance Disposal: planning, perception and task control software system for robotic recovery of buried ordnance

Robotic Assistant for Environmental Response: mobile robot to work alongside field crews of EPA's Environmental Response Team during investigation of Superfund sites

Site Investigation Robot: mobile robotic geophysical data acquisition and processing software system prototype for waste site characterization

REX: automated excavator for sensing and exhuming buried pipes

Portable Pipe Mapper: intelligent sensing system to map buried utility lines