Alonzo Kelly

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Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rm NSH 3209

I am also working at another center of the Robotics Institute called the
National Robotics Engineering Consortium

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Research Interests

My research centers around all aspects of mobile robots including the areas of perception, planning, control, and state estimation. I am also interested in problems that arise in sensing and calibration, and in visualization, modelling, and human interfaces for mobile robots.

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Current Projects

  • Vehicle Dynamic Modelling
  • Robotics Challenge
  • Ground Vehicle Teleoperation over Satellite
  • Robotics Technology Alliance
  • Aircraft Paint Stripping
  • Mass Adaptive Vehicle Rollover Prevention
  • Test Site Virtualization
  • Inertially Aided Visual Odometry
  • Situational Awareness via Colorized Ranging
  • Inertial Navigation for People

  • Completed Projects

  • FCS Autonomous Navigation System
  • UPI - PerceptOR Integrated
  • Mars Technology Program
  • Colorized Ranging Sensor
  • The DARPA Urban Grand Challenge
  • PerceptOR Program
  • Stability Prediction System
  • Merchandizing Robot
  • Automated Material Transport System
  • Autonomous Loading System Project
  • Autonomous Harvester Project
  • The NavLab Project
  • Scanning Laser Rangefinder
  • Ranger Autonomous Vehicle Navigation System

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