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Devon Island

- Wait patiently for colleagues and cargo
- Complete assembly of Hyperion
- Confirm that all components are fully operational

Status and Progress
- Bernardine, Chris, and Paul arrived along with the last of the cargo.
Everyone is now in camp and set up.

- Completed assembly of Hyperion, inflated tires, installed chains and
batteries. We turned on each component individually. The amps all
function, the computers boot and all electronics are working fine.

- Drove Hyperion for the first time on Devon Island using the hardwired
joystick. Steering calibration will be necessary but the robot drove normally.

- Connected to computer remotely using wireless ethernet bridge. We
installed the antenna and remote computers were able to communicate with
the onboard processor.

- All in all, a very good day with people and components arriving and
Hyperion operational.

- Test remote teleoperation through wireless communications system
- Install solar panels and check out the power system.

Early: Overcast but bright. 8C. Light winds.
Late: High clouds but sunny. 5C.

Quote of the Day
"Boom! Whoof! Zap! ... None of those sounds are appropriate."

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