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Devon Island

- Scout Von Braun Planitia
- Wait patiently for colleagues and cargo

Status and Progress
- Scouted the eastern portion of Von Braun Planitia (VBP). Currently
snowfields cover much of the area and all drainages are deep with snow
and underflowing meltwater. The western portion of VBP is difficult to
access and move heavily snow covered. The area we scouted appears to be
within the capability of Hyperion and will be an ideal area of initial
testing. There were some rocks and blocks that will are obstacles to
the avoid. Some areas are quite rough and rocky but should be
traversable. There are also large open areas of gently sloping terrain.
The western portion of VBP has more relief including ridgelines and
mesa-like formation that will produce significant shadowing of the
terrain. It is not accessible yet but will be scouted eventually to
determine if some testing can be conducted in this area.

- Completed set up of operations tent (with personal gear now moved to
sleeping tents).

- Performed software tests and implemented some additional features to
the operator interface and health monitor. Also performed a complete
code rebuild, confirming development environment is stable.

- Complete assembly of Hyperion.
- Confirm that all components are fully operational.

Early: Clear bright sun. 10C. No wind.
Late: Heavy fog leading to rain. 2C. Breeze 15kph.

Quote of the Day
"No more Spam(tm). Ever."

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