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Resolute Bay

- Track cargo and arrange/persuade for delivery in Resolute
- Depart for Devon ASAP after Hyperion arrives

- Hyperion's crate was inspected in Nanisvik and the missing parts were
located and prepared for transport. A flight (Twin Otter) was diverted
to Nanisvik to collect the parts the flight is enroute with cargo and
due in Resolute at 11:10pm.

- Our generator turned up today, it was likely aboard the flight from
Iqaluit Wednesday. We continue to lobby to get the battery crates on
the Saturday flight but learned that the Priority stickers were not
applied in Ottawa. We are working to correct this.

- Two flights to Devon Island are scheduled for today and one has flown
departing at midnight. There are currently three fully manifested
flight before ours. With luck we may depart for Devon on Friday.

- We went over our communications set-up with Steve Braham who has
designed the network for the NASA/SETI Haughton Mars project (HMP) and
believe we have several solutions and a solid backup plan that will work
while the HMP network evolves.

- Inspect and repackage Hyperion for travel to Devon Island

Low clouds (<300m ceiling) all day. Rain some snow/sleet, temperature
2C, and light winds less than <10kph.

Quote of the Day
"Jim are your allergy's bothering you - why yes it's gravel season"

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