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Resolute Bay

- Ben, Jim, Mike, David to arrive Resolute Bay
- Inspect cargo

- The trip from Ottawa (8:30am EST) was uneventful and cargo that had
been left behind Saturday was aboard to Iqaluit. The flight from
Iqaluit to Resolute left at 12:30pm EST, however because of expectation
of poor weather in Resolute some cargo, including our crates, was not
transferred to the waiting plane to allow for additional fuel.

- The trip(s) to Resolute Bay were eventful to the extent that we flew
from Iqaluit to Resolute Bay and attempted two landings in fog before
turning back, arriving at 5:30pm EST. We departed again after refueling
and arrived Resolute Bay at approximately 7:30pm CST. (Note: Resolute
Bay is in Central Standard Time.)

- We went to inspect the cargo. Were very surprised (upset?) to learn
that Hyperion has been uncrated in Nanasvik and flown to Resolute on a
palette. We have not yet determined why it was in Nanisvik (northern
Baffin Island) or why it was ever uncrated. All parts appear to okay
however, the bottom layer of the crate including the axles, motors,
solar panel mounts, and antennas were not unpacked and are likely still
in Nanisvik.

To Do
- Arrange transport of crates including batteries from Iqaluit to
Resolute Bay.
- Determine status of Hyperion's missing parts including axles and motors
- Arrange transport of Hyperion from Nanisvik
- Plan departure to Devon perhaps Friday

Quote of the Day:
"Where's the bottom half?"

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