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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada


- Begin extended sun-synchronous navigation experiment

Summary and Progress
- Relocated Hyperion. We drove Hyperion into the
region where the extended distance sun-synchronous
traverse will begin. On route additional power
measurements were made, a new feature of the panoramic
imaging system for capturing "time-lapse" (one frame
per minute) was verified, and performance of the
navigator was tested.

- Tested repeater station on Marine Peak. The
repeater antenna and power source placed on Marine
Peak to provide communication to Hyperion when passes
into the valley system behind the peak was powered up
and tested. Communication to base camp was verified.

- Debugged mission planner. A problem was found when
generated the extended plan for traverse of Von Braun
Planitia and Marine Peak, ultimately the bug was minor
and corrected although start of the extended
sun-synchronous experiment was delayed until tomorrow.

- Crashed disk. Sadly the hard disk on our Apple
Powerbook crashed so until a work-around is online,
images and movies from our sun-synchronous experiments
will delayed. Also, we will not have access to
Carnegie Mellon's mail servers for viewing incoming

- Begin extended sun-synchronous navigation experiment

Early: Sunny, scattered clouds, 13.5C, winds 15-20kph.
Late: Sunny, 6.5C, winds 10-15kph.

Quote of the Day
"If you light a fire for a man, you keep him warm for
a day. If you light a man on fire, you keep him warm
for the rest of his life."

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