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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada

- Continue analysis of low-temperature motor performance
- Install solar panels and measure performance
- Plan initial sun-synchronous routes in Von Braun Planitia

Status and Progress
- Weather conditions in early afternoon allowed experimentation with
solar panels. Terrain conditions in Von Braun Planitia are improving
with dry areas on the hilltops and snow and mud in the drainages
reducing. Weather forecast is for clouds to break and drying to
tomorrow and sun on Wednesday.

- Scouted eastern Von Braun Planitia (VBP). We completed scouting of
VBP and identified traverseable regions for initial testing.
Identifying an appropriate test area has been challenging due to the
limitations imposed by the many streams that are still draining VBP.

- Operated Hyperion with solar panels. We measured power input under
conditions of partial cloud cover (80%) and rain. The combination of
low-angle sunlight with rain and clouds made for marginal power input.
Hyperion did perform well, traversing moderately rough terrain in
5-10kph winds in its fully operation configuration.

- Testing sun-synchronous mission planner. Given an initial test area
we have begun planning sun-synchronous routes. We immediately found
that an implementation of capability to applying a predictive model to
solar power dramatically slowed the planner. An optimization is in
development and a simplified model is now functional.

- Checked out performance of roll and pitch sensing and confirmed the
functionality of the Health Monitor to detect unsafe conditions.

- Distance driven in field experimentation to date 1408m.

- Plan route for initial sun-synchronous experiment in Von Braun Planitia
- Move Hyperion to Von Braun Planitia

Early: Overcast. 5C. Intermittent rain. Winds 5-10kph.
Late: Clearing then dense fog. 3C. Winds 5kph.

Quote of the Day
"I'm concerned about zombification."

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