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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada

- Convert digital elevation map (DEM) to correct geodetic datum
- Test current limits on motor amplifiers
- Verify tuned values on laser scanner
- Verify stereo perception system tuning and autonomous navigation
- Continue testing of the perception and navigation system
- Install panoramic camera
- Plan initial sun-synchronous routes in Von Braun Planitia

Status and Progress
- Weather improved today for brief periods allowing about two hours of
robot operation. Von Braun Planitia remains too muddy for
experimentation. Weather forecast is for clouds to break and drying to
begin by Tuesday evening, however the temperature is expected to drop.

- Final team member, Red Whittaker, arrived in camp after an uneventful trip.

- Tested current limits on amplifiers. After some difficulty producing
high torques we raised the peak torque limits in the motor amplifiers.
The previous setting placed the peak torque equal the continuous torque
at a level 50% below the maximum. The maximum peak torque is now set to
the drivetrain rating for repeated peak. Performance appears to have
improved (less current limiting and only a few instances of amplifier
disabling--all re-enabled automatically) but the results are as yet
inconclusive because this coincided with higher ambient temperatures.

- Tested laser and verified that settings detect obstacles (true
positive) with a minimum of false positives.

- Tested new Galil code to handle motor off (stall) conditions and
enable four-wheel drive in reverse.

- Analyzed state estimator performance to determine that GPS converged
60% of the time, heading information was continuous 100% of the time,
and odometry updating compensated for any dropouts.

- Developed new capability for the navigator to dramatically slow
vehicle speed (2cm/sec) to begin sun-synchronous experiments in very
limited available operating area

- Distance driven in the experimentation to date 875m (yesterday's total 563m).

- Continue analysis of low-temperature motor performance
- Install solar panels and measure performance
- Move Hyperion to Von Braun Planitia to continue testing and increase distance/duration

Early: Thin overcast. 8C. Winds 5-10kph peaking at 20kph.
Late: Overcast. 4C. Rain. Winds 5kph.

Quote of the Day
"We need to have a debatum about the geodetic datum."

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