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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada

- Scout western Von Braun Planitia and record positions to register the DEM

Status and Progress
- Weather today precluded all operations with Hyperion. Late in the day
we moved Hyperion to drier ground, oriented it into the wind, and staked
it to the ground. All other equipment stowed for high winds.

- Hiked into western Von Braun Planitia (VBP) to find an appropriate
test area for sun-synchronous traverse. Paul, Jim, and David guided by
Oz and Samson and joined by Darnel and AC bundled up and hiked along the
ridgeline west of VBP. Several narrow canyons would be traversable by
Hyperion up to the plateau from which they source. They are currently
flowing with meltwater. At the north of the ridgeline is Marine Peak.
Between the unnamed ridgeline and the peak lies a broad flat drainage,
perhaps 400m wide. We traversed this drainage and walked up Marine Peak
which stands perhaps 50m above VBP. To the north of peak is another
drainage, approximately 600m wide. It flows west where the northern and
southern drainages meet. It appears that a complete circuit around the
peak may be traversable by Hyperion. The snow continues to melt in the
rain but at this time all the drainages in VBP are flowing heavily. The
weather forecast is for rain continuing through Sunday after which a
number of clear days will be required for the ground to drain. Our
operating plan will be to begin testing in the eastern portion of VBP
after one clear day and move west to the area around Marine Peak for
progressively longer experiments. System tests will continue while on

- Continue testing of the perception and navigation system
- Install panoramic camera
- Install solar panels and measure performance
- Move Hyperion to Von Braun Planitia to continue testing and increase distance/duration

Early: Overcast, 300m deck. Rain. 4C. Winds 15-25kph with gusts to 40kph.
Late: Overcast, 300m deck. Intermittent rain. 5C. Winds 10-20kph.

Quote of the Day
"If it's lickable, it will be licked." (referring to the camp dogs)

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