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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada

- Stiffen antenna mast
- Install pyranometer
- Install panoramic camera (weather permitting) and adjust exposure and focus
- Install solar panels and measure performance (weather permitting)
- Initial autonomous navigation tests

Status and Progress
- Weather conditions (windy and raining) continue to precluded
installation of solar panels and panoramic camera. Snow melt has slowed
in the last few days with some refreezing. Forecast for the next few
days is continuing rain and increasing wind speed.

- Stabilized antenna mast by adding cable and turnbuckle.
- Installed pyranometer to measure the solar flux but determined that
the PMAD software needs to be updated to add one more sample. Jim
updated the software and downloaded it to flash. This needs to be
installed and tested.

- Assembled the panoramic camera and tested on tripod mount. We were
able to adjust the exposure settings for good results however, rain
precluded installation on Hyperion.

- Performed first autonomous navigation. Hyperion drove approximately
230m. Work continues to analyze yesterdays image sequences to calibrate
the cameras and tune the terrain evaluation metrics. As results some
obstacles at 30-40cm were not flagged as obstacles. Although they were
detected and probably surmountable we would like Hyperion to navigate
around this size of obstacle. Similarly the laser scanner has been
adjusted to trigger obstacles of this size. Further tests of the
perception and navigation software will continue tomorrow.

- Compared DEM maps to ground GPS measurements and detected an offset
that must be canceled. The correction appears straightforward.

- Scout western Von Braun Planitia and record positions to register the DEM
- Move Hyperion to Von Braun Planitia to continue testing and increase distance/duration
- Continue testing of the perception and navigation system
- Install panoramic camera
- Install solar panels and measure performance

Early: Overcast, 100m cloud deck. 5.5C. Winds 12-16kph. Light rain.
Late: Overcast. 3C. Winds 15-20kph. Rain sometimes heavy. Ick.

Quote of the Day
"We got major Feng Shui issues in this tent, man."

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