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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada


Testing started: 11:15 am
Testing finished: 11:40 am

- Set up GPS on robot.
- Network CMU operations tent.
- Teleoperate robot with Operator Interface.
- Verify robot GPS functionality.

- Ethernet bridges connected again, connected from base camp to robot.
Started up Vehicle Controller and Operator Interface. Remotely drove
robot (with supervision on site), driving several arcs.
- Started up GPS processes on robot, although with antenna on short mast
we saw some jamming.
- Steering axle angel seemed stable, with variations of less than 1 deg.
- Bus voltages on back panel matches that in Operator Interface.
- Internal robot temperature was 13 C at the end of these tests.

- Something strange happened with the time daemons set up on nunavut and
grex laptops, causing clocks to be set ahead several months. This caused
interruptions during robot operation (obviously dangerous).

To do:
- Fix time problem, allow laptops and sunsync to be synchronized.


Testing started: 1:00 pm
Testing finished: 5:00 pm

- Mount stereo cameras, test calibration.
- Measure laser angle, update configuration.
- Calibrate steering potentiometer.
- Mount solar panels, test battery system.

- Mounted solar panels, videotaped the process. The panels seemed to
work perfectly on this sunny day, with bus voltages above 27 V.
- Measured laser mount angle, added to code and tested it. Laser seemed
to work as it did in Pittsburgh, although more thorough testing is necessary.
- Mounted stereo cameras and panoramic camera, although more work is
required to verify stereo calibration settings.
- Steering pot calibrated. Robot seems to drive correctly with these new settings.
- Set laptops to CDT time zone, still must do so for sunsync.
- Although we did not log data for too long, the GPS seemed to converge
reliably with the higher antenna mount.

- We failed to log solar power data today due to testing the Galil and
other components. We need to make sure this doesn't happen again.

To do:
- Check stereo calibration on robot.
- Check laser in a field of rocks near the air strip.

Reported by Mike Wagner

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