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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada

- Install solar panels and check out the power system
- Test remote teleoperation through wireless communications system

Status and Progress
- Installed solar panels and power trackers. The morning was sunny with
light breeze. We staked Hyperion to the ground to prevent tipover and
proceeded to install the solar panels. All performed nominally and
immediately began to charge the batteries, providing excess power beyond
the steady-state load of the computers and sensors.

- Installed the GPS antennas and determined position and orientation.
The GPS system took some time to converge and appears to be having
interference, likely from one of the many transmitter in the base camp.
We will attempt to isolate and mitigate this problem.

- Calibrated steering potentiometer.

- Teleoperated Hyperion over radio ethernet link. We have not yet
installed cameras, either stereo or panoramic, but were able to test
remote teleoperation by relaying voice instructions. Hyperion functions
as expected.

- Tested laser scanner and confirmed nominal operation.

- Calibrate and measure performance of the stereo vision system
- Measure total system power capacity
- Install solar panels and measure performance (weather permitting)
- Install and tune panoramic camera system

Early: Clear and bright. 7C. Light wind (10-12kph)
Late: Low clouds. 2C. Breeze 15kph.

Quote of the Day
[The QOTD is on brief hiatus while we discuss a selection criteria that
affords Mike some hope of claiming the prize.]

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