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 Distributed SensorWebs

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Distributed SensorWebs

We are developing and implementing wireless technology for distributed sensing and actuation in horticultural enterprises. The heart of the sensor web is the "node", a low cost device capable of measuring moisture, photon flux, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and other parameters that affect plant growth and development while also providing control capabilities. The result is an inexpensive, easily installed system that monitors environmental data and implements remote (or even automatic) actuation of sprinklers, fans, heaters, and other devices.

Our system is in use at several horticultural enterprises throughout the country. Our sensor nodes are used by researchers trying to understand plant growth and development, and by growers interested in improving plant quality while decreasing the operating cost (water, pesticides, etc...).

Additional Information

We are actively deploying sensor networks in nurseries, greenhouses, greenroofs, and orchards. In all of these areas, we are working with growers and domain specialists to solve relevant problems. We also provide remote access to many of our sensor networks so growers and researchers can monitor the sites as well as allow the growers to control irrigation from remote locations. The first generation of sensor web technology was installed in September of 2003.

This work is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) SCRI-MINDS project and is being led by the University of Maryland.

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