The VISTA project is exploring means of producing very wide angled (panoramic) views of the environment. Some of these methods are suitable for robot perception in that they provide detailed shape and image information to the robot at a very low cost, with no moving parts. Other methods we are investigating provide extremely high resolution panoramic images for VR puproses. Applications of this technology range from surveillance, remote tele-operation to three-dimensional model building, and estimation of egomotion.


Below are some images taken from a camera that is pointed at a curved mirror. These images are unwarped to produce panoramic views. Dewarping can now be done with inexpensive hardware resident on a desktop PC.

Sample Images (Left: Raw, Right: Rectified)

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Camera and Mirror

panoramic camera  The images are obtained from an upward looking camera that is pointed at a curved (hyperbolic) mirror. Here is an image of our new camera. We are building a 1/2 scale version of this camera at the moment. 
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VISTA Project Team

  •  Herman Herman
  •  Mark Ollis
  •  Sanjiv Singh

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    This project is funded in part by the Aurora Flight Sciences .
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