TRESTLE: Autonomous Assembly by Teams of Coordinated Robots




Robocrane is a large gantry type, inverted 3-3 Stewart platform capable of manipulating large loads. Robocrane provides gross manipulation and bears most of the load during assembly.


Bullwinkle, a mobile robot built by RWII, hosts a five degree-of-freedom arm that is capable of fine manipulation. The robot is a four wheel, skid steered machine equipped with onboard computing and inertial sensing.


Xavier is built on top of a 24 inch diameter, four-wheeled, synchro-drive base, built by Real-World Interfaces. Sensors include bump panels, a Denning sonar ring, a Nomadics laser light striper, and a color camera mounted on Directed Perception pan/tilt head.  Xavier acts as the system's sole mobile vision system.