TRESTLE: Autonomous Assembly by Teams of Coordinated Robots


Mixed Initiative Sliding Autonomy

April 06: This movie shows the assembly of a four beam truss structure in Mixed-Initiative Sliding Autonomy mode. The robots operate primarily autonomously, but a human operator is monitoring their progress and allowed to intervene as necessary.
[WMV 90.9 M]


4-Sided Assembly

July 04: This movie shows the assembly of a four beam truss structure. This complex assembly requires tight coordination between robots, as well as the human operator. At several points during the construction, the human operator provides assistance.
[WMV 20.0 M] [MOV 168.4 M]


Dual-End Dock

March 03: This movie shows the entire experiment, including the docking of both ends of the beam.
[MPEG 37.0 M]


Coordinated Docking

April 03: This movie shows a manually remote controlled beam docking using the Resolved Motion Controller.  The mobile base and arm function as combined unit.
[MPEG 14.7 M]


Single-End Dock

March 01: This movie is similar to the one taken for DIRA in October 00, but the system is more robust and faster, and the video quality is better.
[ MPEG 38.2 M]