Data Collection | Results

Data Collection:

We have collected over 2.5 Terabytes of air-to-air and ground-to-air imagery at the Jimmy Stewart Airport, Indiana, PA, USA. Of this ~2 Terabyte has been manually goundtruthed for performance analysis purposes. We have tested 10 different EO camera/lens pairs in addition to 4 infra red cameras.

Ground to Air:

We used a Directed Perception D100 Pan Tilt Unit (PTU), a Geo-Pointing Module (GPM) and a Cloudcap Piccolo Autopilot for the purpose of collecting imagery of aircraft from ground to air. We used a Piper Archer II aircraft which made passes over the airport as we tracked it from the ground with the PTU.

camera on ptu






The picture to the left shows the cameras placed on the Directed Perception Pan Tilt Unit.














Piper Archer II used as intruder aircraft at Jimmy Stewart Airport, Indiana, PA, USA.















Schematic diagram of information flow for ground to air data collection. The gps stream from the Piper Archer was relayed by the autopilot to the grund station. The ground statio fed this stream to the Geo-Pointing Module which made the Pan Tilt Unit point at the correct geo location so that the aircraft would be in the field of view of the cameras.








Gps log of the passes flow by the intruder aircraft. Our PTU-GPM set up is near the runway. The red circles are drawn at 1 mile increments from where the PTU-GPM was setup. We captured imagery of the aircraft upto 6 miles away.


Air to Air Data Collection:

We mounted the cameras inside a Cessna Stationair and the Piper Archer II was used as an intruder aircraft in order to gather air to air data. A GPS/INS unit was mounted in the Cessna Stationair and a GPS unit was mounted in the Piper Archer II to get groundtruth on the timestamped imagery.





Camera, GPS/IMU setup inside Cessna Stationair for air to air data collection