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Robotics at Chornobyl

Business Week article on Pioneer project (3/30/98)

Audio recording of interview with Pioneer project director Maynard Holliday on National Public Radio (starts at 26:30)
requires RealAudio

Cooperative R&D Agreemeent between RedZone and LLNL

Pioneer Project

Pioneer development team's internal web pages at GROK Lab (restricted)

Pioneer development team's internal web pages at CMU (restricted)

National Robotics Engineering Consortium Technologies page (semi-restricted)


An excellent summary on the accident and consequences is in Ten Years After Chornobyl: What do we really know?

US DOE International Nuclear Safety Program Chornobyl Initiative

A Lycos search of the web found the following:

  • Chernobyl Assessment Project
  • IAEA Bulletin Vol. 38/3

  • Chernobyl

  • Chernobyl Simulation

  • Plutonium particles at Chernobyl (illustration)

  • The Chernobyl Accident
  • Information on Ukraine