Groundhog knee deep in mine muck.2D mine map produced by Groundhog.3D mine map snapshot produced by Groundhog.Ferret1 deployed into the Mellon Institute void.Second generation Ferret with higher power laser range finder.Ferret2 scan of a limestone mine after a domeout, Kansas City, Kansas.Borehole deployable, inflatable mobile robot concept.

Subterranean Robotics

Mobile Robot Development 2003

The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Underground spaces like old mines, sewers, and caves preclude safe human access and motivate the use of robots for exploration, operation and rescue. The issues, technologies, and systems that pertain to underground spaces are unique, giving rise to the emerging discipline of Subterranean Robotics. Current stat-of-the-art is insufficient for the functionality and rigor required for operational subterranean robotic systems.

The spring 2003 offering of 16-865, Subterranean Robotics, will convey the issues, technologies, and complexities of Subterranean Robotics through lectures, exercises, and field experiments in a learning-through-doing environment. The course will convey the distinctions of subterranean robotics including topics of specialized sensors, mobility, mapping, maze logic, and self reliance.

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