Groundhog knee deep in mine muck.2D mine map produced by Groundhog.3D mine map snapshot produced by Groundhog.Ferret1 deployed into the Mellon Institute void.Second generation Ferret with higher power laser range finder.Ferret2 scan of a limestone mine after a domeout, Kansas City, Kansas.Borehole deployable, inflatable mobile robot concept.
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Warren "Chuck" Whittaker
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Warren "Chuck" Whittaker
Department: Robotics
Title: Consultant
Focus Area:AdministrationDirector of field operations
Secondary Area:MechanicalDesigning for a mine enivornment
Tertiary Area:BusinessSelling Ferret to the masses

Chuck Whittaker is a direct contractor to CMU for the Subterranean Mapping initiative. He is a Civil Engineer with 7 years of coal mine engineering and 18 years of robotic development and operations experience. Early robotics experience at CMU includes working on the Three Mile Island robots, supporting navigation research on the Terregator robot, development of NavLab and Locomotion Emulator research vehicles, and the subsequent research programs that made use of these robots. The core of robotic experience came with RedZone Robotics, Inc. managing projects and operations for nuclear and other hazardous environments. Chuck returned to CMU to support the development of Dante 1 the volcano robot as a consultant from RedZone. Today Chuck is committed full time to the success of the Subterranean Robots at CMU. His current role in the project includes front ending and supporting the field operations, supporting the systems development, and field data verification. Chuck is also leading he initial efforts to commercialize this technology.

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