Expedition Report from William Cassidy

December 6, 1998, Sunday: Punta Arenas

Because some of us had had a late night, we didn't get started repacking until midday. Everything came out of the crates in front of the Air Force hangar. Some items were thrown away and the remainder was repacked in a more efficient manner, made possible by the fact that we could stand around and ponder the arrangement without freezing to death. We set up all the tents in a breezy, warm (when the sun was shining) spot on the tarmac so that the adhering snow and ice could melt and the tents could dry. By about 10 p.m. we had everything pretty well organized. We locked up the hangar and went in to Punta for another great dinner, this time at the Hotel Savoy. In my self-assigned role as expert in dining places in Punta Arenas, I have to report that the Savoy is as good as Sotitos, but the portions are too big to eat conveniently. Among those of you who plan to visit Punta Arenas, there are some who will consider this wasteful, and others to whom this will be an attraction. You know who you are.