Radar Testing Report from Alex Foessel

General Radar Behavior

Polar Surface Backscatter Test

Noise Introduced by Severe Visibility Conditions

Obstacle Approach Simulation

Expedition Report from William Cassidy

December 5, 1998, Saturday: Punta Arenas

We have arranged to stay at the Air Force base so we can be close to Nomad, which requires some modifications for shipping, and our crates, which have to be completely repacked for shipping. We got a bus to Punta Arenas, however, for breakfast and then arranged to rent several cars in order to be able to get back and forth to the hangar where everything is stored and to commute to Punta -- a matter of some 20 miles. Some of our hardier souls stayed in Punta but most of us returned to the base, showered, and slept until dinner time. We had a great dinner at Sotitos (it has my recommendation) in Punta Arenas and then got back to the base where I, personally, slept until 5 a.m. The same hardy souls who had stayed in Punta most of the day also stayed there most of the night.