Rock / Meteorite Classification Test Results

Click here to see the spectrometer readings and images from the first test of Nomad's classification software.

Expedition Report from William Cassidy

December 3, 1998, Thursday: Patriot Hills Camp

The word is that two planes will leave Punta Arenas at 11 a.m. That should put them here at 5 p.m., and we could be in Punta around 1 a.m. tomorrow. The weather is overcast and hazy, with moderate wind and moderately blowing snow. It looks marginal, but Alex is confident that will not stop them because they are used to landing under difficult conditions.

A new message reports that the planes will leave Punta Arenas around 5 p.m. That should put them here at 11 p.m. and we could arrive at Punta in the early morning.  Our remaining activities here will be demounting some cots and the rest of the Expedition 25 tents, packing sleeping bags, filling the last two crates with personal gear and skidding them to the runway and, finally, once we hear that the planes are in the air, taking down the Endurance tent.

The new latest word is that one of the planes has mechanical trouble and the remaining plane will fly at 9 p.m., but the weather is looking worse.