Expedition Report from William Cassidy

Nov. 30, 1998, Monday: Patriot Hills Camp

The blizzard continued today with somewhat diminished winds and, by evening, had begun to clear. We were invited over to the Adventure Network International Camp, who are old friends from last year, where Alex and I gave a joint lecture on Antarctic meteorites and the use of robots to search for them. We left during the final stages of the blizzard and returned with a miraculously clear sky and soft breezes. Snow has been heaped up in the Chilean camp. Luckily there is a wind scoop next along the side of the Endurance tent that has kept the door pretty clear of snow. Problems with the generator continue and it is spending more time warming up in the Endurance tent than it is outside, struggling to generate. Our people are now starting to get the hang of conversing.  Where will it all end??