Expedition Report from William Cassidy

Nov. 29, 1998, Sunday:  Patriot Hills Camp

The blizzard continues. The generator supplying power to our computers is failing on a regular basis. This is a source of much frustration to our personnel, most of whom normally spend hours in front of their silent friends carrying out arcane exercises whose results are reflected instantaneously on the incandescent screen in front of them. Some have even been forced into conversation -- that's how bad it is! Early his afternoon, Matt was passing Fernando's tent and he noticed that it was almost completely buried. Apparently Fernando had been trapped in his tent all morning by the drifting snow. Matt started digging around the entrance, and shortly Fernando unzipped the top of the door enough to stick out his hand with the thumb up, happy at the prospect of rejoining the human race. Our Endurance tent has withstood the storm, and a lot of previous ones, remarkably well. This evening, some of our people started digging out some of the other tents because they were becoming quite overburdened with drifting snow. A couple of them actually collapsed from overloading.