19. Nov. 14, 1998, Saturday:

Patriot Hills Camp

The day dawned just like yesterday, overcast and no wind. During the afternoon, however, the sky cleared and the sun came out. This made it the best possible of days, and we are wandering around with no parkas. Alex got some water and a big tub from the kitchen and is washing clothes. There seems to be a consensus in camp that this is a day off.

We have committed ourselves to helping the cook this weekend. Normally there are two cooks on duty. If we help out, one of them can have Saturday off and the other can have Sunday off. Nicolas and I volunteered to take the lunch period. The cook named Lorenzo was on duty. We cleaned tables and set them up; then served food when the troops came in. We collected dirty dishes to make room for the newer arrivals and tidied up afterward.

Sib will write some new code for Matt tonight. Stewart and Nicolas left for Camp Crickett with some of Nicolas' equipment, planning to be back for dinner. They didn't manage to get anything done because they couldn't start the generator.

The Chileans have challenged North America to a soccer game tonight. What they don't know is that the last planeload into ANI bore some Frenchmen, Germans and some more Americans. So the eventual game, if it happens, will be more like Chile vs. the United Nations. The game never came off, for some reason, and the Chileans played each other.