The Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search Project

Research Areas

The Antarctic expedition provides many unique research opportunities. There are several key research areas that the Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search Project supports:


Click here for a description of this year's Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search expedition team. For a list of personnel on the entire project, click here.

Project Documents

Contact Information

For information on the Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search, contact the project manager, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos.

Other project personnel may be contacted for questions about their research areas. For a complete list of project personnel, see the Robotics Institute web site project listing.

Project Affiliates

Science, Technology, and Field Demonstrations

Air Ground Xpress, Inc.
Aironet Canada Ltd.
BEI Sensors and Systems Company
Burlington Air Express
Exploration Products
Federal Cold Weather Storage Facility
Fuerza Area de Chile, Division Antartico
Instituto Chileno Antartico
L3 Communications Corporation
Meteorite Working Group
NASA Ames Research Center
The North Face
Intel Corporation
Sick Corporation
Trimble Navigation Ltd.
Universidad de Santiago de Chile
University of Pittsburgh


The Big Signal Initiative
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Carnegie Science Center
The Electronic Information Network of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Robotic Search for Antarctic Meteorites 1998
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