Winter 1998 Expedition Field Team

This is the field team for the Expedition 98 phase of the Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search. For the complete listing of all project personnel, please see the RI web site entry for this project.
Alex Foessel

Carnegie Mellon University

Field lead, public relations, MMW imaging radar test.

Liam Pedersen

Carnegie Mellon University

Robotics science, science record, meteorite search.

Matthew Deans

Carnegie Mellon University

Computing and communications, landmark based position estimation experiment.

Stewart Moorehead

Carnegie Mellon University

Navigation and autonomy, finance and operations log master.

Mark Sibenac

Carnegie Mellon University

Nomad demo/tests coordinator, computing and communications.

Michael Parris

Carnegie Mellon University

Mobility tests, video record, camp logistics, Nomad maintenance.

William Cassidy

University of Pittsburgh

Meteorite search lead, written record.

Pascal Lee

NASA Ames Research Center

Science advisor, meteorite search, photographic record.

Danilo F. Bassi, Ph.D.

Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Departamento de Ingeniera Informtica

Chilean robotics researcher.

Cpt. Christian Puebla

Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACH), Chile

Chilean Air Force Captain and representative, field logistics.

Fernando Valdes

Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACH), Chile

Chilean Air Force representative and communications engineer.

Nicolas Vandapel

Laboratorie d'Analyses et d'Architectures des Systèmes (LAAS), France

Independent experimental agenda.
Mission funded by the French Polar Institute (IFRTP)

Robotic Search for Antarctic Meteorites 1998
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