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Media Articles
November 13, 2008 - The Associated Press
"NASA tests turning soil into oxygen on Big Island"

October 21, 2008 - Popular Science
"Training in Hawaii for a Trip to the Moon"

October 12, 2008 -
"Lunar Prospecting Robot To Be Field Tested on Hawaii's Mauna Kea "

March 8, 2008 - Science Daily
"Roboticists Create Rover To Move And Drill On The Moon"

October 24, 2007 -
"Robotic Prospector Under Development at Carnegie Mellon"

September 21, 2007 - engadget
"It looks like the moon could soon become a relatively crowded place..."

September 21, 2007 - Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"CMU rolls out prototype for robotic moon rover"

September 20, 2007 -
"Carnegie Mellon building robot for lunar prospecting"

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