Scarab's Science Instruments

Scarab's science mission is to identify useable resources in the soil. It uses a coring drill to collect soil, then processes the sample with onboard instruments.

The drill is located in the central cavity. Scarab lowers to the ground to react the forces and torques of drilling. This enables scarab to drill up to one meter and collect a core sample.

After drilling, the soil is transfered to the science instruments. These are located in the payload bay inside the rear cavity. Part of this payload protrudes upward through the shell to accept the sample using a gravity-fed technique.

Once inside the rover, the sample is processed. First 80 gram segments are broken off and pulverized into particles under a millimeter across. The resulting dust is baked (up to 900 degrees celsius) to release gasses. Finally in gaseous state, useful compounds like hydrogren, oxygen and water are identified.