Scarab's Rocker Arms

Scarab's wheels are mounted on adjustable rocker arms. The angle between the arms is adjusted using a linear actuator. This motion is the key to both Scarab's mobility capabilities and drilling functionality.

To prepare for drilling, Scarab lowers to the ground. This makes Scarab a very stable platform ideally suited for drilling. The arms are adjusted independantly, enabling Scarab to drill into sloped terrain.

The adjustable rocker arms also allow Scarab to drive in rough environments. Scarab drives on steep terain by traveling cross-slope, instead of straight up or down. The rocker arms are adjusted to lean into slopes to improve traction.

The adustable rocker arms also allow Scarab to perform an inch worm motion. In this behavior one set of wheels is held fixed at all times for improved traction. The other set slowly creep forward pushing off the fixed wheels. Meanwhile the rocker arms alternately raise and lower the body in careful coordination.