Dante II

Images of Mt. Spurr Volcano (Alaska)

This page contains a selection of ariel photographs of the Mt. Spurr volcano, the mission target for the Dante II frame walking robot.

(81K) Mount Spurr, Aleutian volcano arc, Alaska

(110K) Crater Peak (active cone on Mt. Spurr)

(118K) Eastern rim of Crater Peak

(182K) East-High descent route into Crater Peak

(220K) Descent progress and science targets.
A detailed view of the East-High descent route which shows Dante II's progress and target areas for scientific exploration.

(280K) Mt. Spurr Overhead.
This image shows an overhead view of the entire Crater Peak region of Mt. Spurr. The area where Dante is descending is boxed on the right side of the image. The top edge of the image points towards northeast.