Dante II

Images of Dante on the Floor

MPEG of a large rock nearly missing Dante and crashing into the ice and ash nearby. If this had hit the vehicle, it could have caused serious damage (88K)

MPEG of the floor of Mt Spurr on a really foggy evening near the end of the mission (61K)

RB Stereo MPEG of Dante on the floor Mt Spurr near the end of the mission the mission. This MPEG should be viewed using "Red-Blue Stereo Glasses" like people used for watching old 3D movies. The stereo effect isn't great, but it is noticable (33K)

MPEG of what Dante saw through its leg cameras as it rolled over (143K)

(27K) | (12K) | (22K) Even after Dante flipped over, it continued to send telemetry data. Here is a rendering by VEVI of the vehicle on its side.