"> World 1

World 1

This page shows a movie of simulated robots executing a routine exploration missiong in a simulated world. Robot paths are indicated by trails, obstacles are indicated by large black cubes, and goals/observation points are represented by blue markers.

Image 1

Initial tours assigned by the Operator Executor.

Image 2

Intermediate tours after two new goals have been triggered.

Image 3

Final tours executed.
The floorplan used in this simulation is one of the simplest worlds we created. Observation points/goals assigned to the robots are indicated by blue markers. Image 1 shows a top-down view of the world; the paths indicate the initial tours assigned to the robots by the executor. This image also illustrates the deployment positions of the two robots. The operator is able to dynamically add goals/observation points to the task list while the robots are executing the most current list of tasks. When a robot passes a doorway or cannot see into a crevice, a goal/observation point is triggered inside the "newly observed" space. This process incites a new round of bidding between the robots, during which the tasks can be reassigned and new tasks can be added to the task list. In Image 3, all goals specified for the test run have been triggered. Trials indicate the approximate paths robots will take when executing their six tasks.
For a more detailed explanation, see Architecture Text