The Girls of Steel team operates with a leadership council. The 2018-2019 leaders and their roles are described below. 

Business Project Manager

This manager oversees the expansion of the Outreach, Finance, Awards, and Media portions of the team. She manages the different Business Team leaders to ensure that they are on task and on schedule.  She also works together with the Technical Project Manager and keeps a constant flow of communication between the two main branches of the team, sharing the responsibility of sending out emails, updates, making weekly power points, and leading the weekly leadership council meetings.

Business Project Manager: Ziya X.


Technical Project Manager

This manager is responsible for keeping the off-season and pre-season robot training on schedule as well as the robot construction during build season.  She makes sure members know which tasks need to be done at the Thursday technical meetings that all the technical sub-teams and feature teams are working together efficiently and using their time wisely in order to complete the robot within the six week build season for a successful competition. She also shares the responsibility of sending out emails, updates, making weekly power points, and leading the weekly leadership council meetings.

Technical Project Manager: Tina H.


Technical Teams


The Mechanical team involves anything mechanical and hands-on.  This sub team focuses on various things concerning the machine shop, from cutting metal to welding the chassis together. This is an essential part of the team because they are the ones that use the CAD drawings of the basic design of the robot, and build and sometimes weld together the frame of the robot. During the 2018 build season, the mechanical team worked hard with the design team to integrate all the components of the manipulators with the chassis.

Student Leaders: Brittany S. and Lauren S.


The Electronics sub team is responsible for the design of the electronics board and the wiring of the robot.  They are efficient in deciding how the wires will run on the robot and making sure that they are positioned in the most accessible places.  These girls also make and crimp their own wires, install encoders, manage pneumatics, design the electronics board, and many other crucial things.

Student Leader: Anna J.


The Programming sub team focuses on coding all of the different components of the robot. Working hard constantly on coding during the build season, they also make sure that the team understands the code and how it enables the robot to operate. For the 2018 season, this technical team programmed the robots, Clyde and Blinky.

Student Leader: Ziya X.

Design Team

The Design sub team works on all aspects of robot design and prototyping. This includes CAD training during the preseason, build, and competition season. The design team commits to attending extra meetings for training during the preseason. Our Design team is divided into two sections: Chassis & Manipulator with two different leaders. The chassis part works on the main structure of the robot while the manipulators focus on competing in certain aspects of the game like an arm or addition.

Design Lead: Ananya R.


Business Teams


The awards team is in charge of everything having to do with preparing, writing, presenting, and submitting for various FRC awards.

Student leader: Maya C.


The media team is in charge of everything having to do with our team’s image, branding, and publicity, from our website and social networking to taking pictures, videos, and corresponding with other FIRST teams through video logs and rookie tips. They create and coordinate a strong team presence and show off our awesome Girls of Steel spirit.

Student leader: Swathi S.


The finance team is responsible for pulling together and keeping track of team funds. Together, they keep a strong communication between the team and our sponsors while ensuring our team runs smoothly financially. They also create the team’s budget for the upcoming year and write the business plan for judges at competitions.

Student leader: Jimin O.


The outreach team, the entire team,  is responsible for participating in and creating ways to represent our team in our community, region, and globe to make an impact on the world with robotics.  Sharing our mission, “Empowering women and girls in the pursuit of STEM by exemplifying female success in robotics,”  directly with as many people as possible is crucial to the ideals of the whole team.  The leader communicates to the team about the various outreach events that we’ve been invited to or the events we hold on a regular basis such at FLL and FLL Jr. meetings, and practice field scrimmages, etc.

Student leader: Anna N.

FTC Liaison

The FTC Liaisons help out with our 8th/9th grade FTC Teams 9820, 9821, and 9981. They make sure that there are Girls of Steel students at each FTC meeting, helping and mentoring the FTC girls throughout their season.

FTC Liaison Student Leaders: TBD

Spirit Lead

As a Spirit Lead, this leader aims to get everyone excited for the season, competitions, and helps establish friendship among the team. They represent our team’s upbeat spirit and updates the girls on what’s going on with social events and competition schedules.

Spirit Student Leader: TBD.

 Drive Team Lead

As the Drive Team Lead, this leader attends weekly Leadership Council meetings, recruits members for the drive team, schedules drive team meetings and practices, and presents updates at the weekly all hands meetings. 

Drive Team Student Leader: TBD.



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  1. Ashwini Telang Reply

    Would like to know if you help mentor any boys teams or if highschool boys with prior FLL experience are included in your teams?

    • Rosie Reply

      Yes, we help mentor other teams and boys with FLL experience are welcome to apply to join the Girls of Steel FLL teams. Our FLL teams are at least 50% girls.
      Write to us at if you have other questions.
      Thank you!
      -Girls of Steel

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