Every Saturday from 11:00am-3pm and Tuesdays 6:00-8:30pm starting now through February 21, The Ellis School and FRC Team 3504 Girls of Steel will host the practice field at the Ellis Armory will be open to any teams who want to try out the field. All are FRC teams competing in Rebound Rumble are invited to bring a robot or come to share ideas with others.

We have a full practice field as well as two working robot chassis. If you want to bring a computer, we also have free internet access.The practice field is on Putnam St. (just off of Penn Avenue) Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

Please read the Ellis Armory Robotics Field Rules below:

1. Wear safety glasses and follow all standard safety precautions around robots and field pieces.
2. All activities are to be confined to the first floor spaces that are not blocked.
3. Use the practice field in a safe, respectful, and cooperative manner at all times. Horseplay on the
field or field pieces and eating or drinking on the field are not allowed.
4. Refer to the posted General Code of Conduct of Girls of Steel, FRC team 3504 as it will be followed
at the Ellis Armory Robotics Practice Field.
5. Water is not potable. Bring drinks and food.
6. Teams should bring their own tools and supplies.
7. All participants are expected to help with clean up.
8. If something breaks please notify the Girls of Steel Mentor on site.

In case of inclement weather please check out the Girls of Steel website (here) for possible closure information or a change in hours.

If you have any questions contact Terry Richards at 412-215-4466 or richarst@theelllisschool.org

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