STEAMWORKS Build Season Week 6

1617 Build Seaon Week 6 - everyone

Week six of build season for the girls of steel is over!!! The last week of build season was very efficient and we finished with a bang! Although it was the sixth week, the girls persevered and kept working hard all the way to the end.

1617 Build Seaon Week 6 - Milkayla and Shooter

During this week, programming worked on velocity tuning for vision, implementation for motion and the beginning of autonomous, modifying metlab reports, lights, and testing the shifting on the competition robot.

1617 Build Seaon Week 6 - electronics

Mechanical girls riveted the gear mechanism together, attached the rails to the gear mechanism, built the competition climber, attached belts onto shooter, finished the assembly of the competition climber, attached motor L-brackets in competition climber. Then they attached the climber to chassis, rivet fuel tank and attached it to chassis also.

1617 Bag and Tag - sideways bot

Design team worked on climber, shooter, and fuel tank assembly the whole week and got a lot of work done. Electronics worked on wire CANS, splitter, camera wire to PDB, mounted cameras, put attachments onto 18 gauge wires, organized and tied down wires, and lastly, just made sure everything works and connections are all stable!! The drive team worked on strategies and talked about rules.

1617 Bag and Tag - driver vision

1617 Bag and Tag - sign making

We ended the build season with a successful bag and tag meeting, where we ate lots of pizza, and had a lot of fun. It was a fantastic build season, but we aren’t done yet! Good job everyone, let’s keep working hard, girls! 

1617 Bag and Tag - NREC

1617 Bag and Tag - computers

1617 Bag and Tag - MO

Check out the Bag & Tag video here!

BagTag group

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