STEAMWORKS Build Season Week 5

1617 Build Seaon Week 5 - group

It is week five of build season and the Girls of Steel are still going strong! This past week, a lot of progress was made on our robots. Since there is only one week left, we are working hard to be as efficient as we can. The week started on Monday, February 6th, where the Mechanical team continued disassembling the chassis and attaching new plates, and prototyping the corner climber.  Electronics girls finished putting encoders in gearboxes and helped with mechanical tasks. Design team worked on shooter placement, gear mechanisms, adding churro to the climber and the ratchet design. Programming worked on vision, motion, and lights.

1617 Build Season Week 5 - sign

On Tuesday, February 7th, we had the all hands meeting, where we talked about our final goals for our robot and reminders about finishing up outreach and fundraising. The design team worked on the conveyor, shooter, climber , and gear mechanism.  Programming girls worked on getting a GRIP code for vision, planning for motion, and testing lights. Electronics team worked on the piston and helping with the gearboxes. The mechanical team attached the chain to chassis, made second rail for ramp, made L-brackets.

1617 Build Season Week 5 - Bumpers

On Thursday, Design team worked on LED light cutouts, the shooter and fuel tank, finish climber gearbox hole pattern, and worked on climber amoebas. Programming continued to work on tasks dealing with vision, motion, and light. Mechanical girls worked on gear ramps and the shooter,  Electronics girls fixed any electronics issues on the robot, attached climber motors, and helped mechanical with some of their tasks.

1617 Build Seaon Week 5 - Electronics

Lastly, on Saturday, Mechanical girls bonded the backplate of the shooter, finished the configuration for the shooter, assembled the climber, and the side plates with churros. Electronics started the final e-board, fixed the tubes on the piston, and made modifications on the practice board. Programming girls continued testing motion, and angles for vision, and figured out problems for lights. Design worked on the camera mount, fuel tank, climber assembly, and shooter drawings.

We also have some quotes from the girls about this week and the season in general, some experienced girls, Emilia and AK, said, “We are making great progress, and learning a lot about being good leaders along the way.”

The Electronics lead, Helen, said, “All of the new members and experienced girls on the team have been doing so much to contribute this build season.”

We also have a couple words from a new girl, Rosy, “This has been such a great build season and experience in general; I’m learning more every day, and it gets better every week.”

All in all, the season is still going great and week five was good. Not too much more left of build season! Good job and thank you, everyone!

1617 Build Seaon Week 5 - chassis

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