STEAMWORKS Build Season Week 3

Week three of build season for the Girls of Steel went splendidly! A lot of work was completed, but there is much more to do. We are halfway through build season!! On the first meeting of the week, Monday, many tasks were accomplished, Electronics girls started practice electronics board and Programming started working on vision alignment and added cameras for drivers. The mechanical team attached e-boards to chassis, cut and drilled short pieces for bumpers, and continued prototyping and the design girls worked on mechanisms and the gussets in CAD. Then on Tuesday, 1/24/17, we had the all hands meeting slides where we talked about reminders and upcoming outreach events, along with core values and goals. That day, Electronics girls made side e-boards and started wiring components, programming girls added all the manipulator commands. Mechanical girls drilled holes on short 80/20 standoff for chain, tried to attach e-board, drilled and attached the short bumpers pieces to the long bumper pieces. Lastly, the design team worked on continuing to update the CAD and worked on the gearboxes.

1617 GoS Build Season #3 - electonics

1617 GoS Build Season #3 - Mikayla and Cheyanne

The third meeting of the week went just as well as the first two. On Thursday night, the electronics team took the temp board off first chassis and put them on the second chassis and worked on the e board. The programming girls continued to work on vision and autonomous. The mechanical girls busied themselves with the battery plate, other mechanisms on the chassis and prototyping. And then design team laser cut pieces for prototypes and tried to fix CAD problems. Finally, on Saturday, electronics girls, made camera and light mounts and finished wiring the real e board and making more modifications, and programming kept working on vision and autonomous. The Mechanical team attached l brackets and adjusted the chassis for new mechanisms, and the design team finished testing prototypes. Also this week, the drive team had their first meeting, at which they just went over requirements and positions. It was another proficient week, thank you everyone!

1617 GoS Build Season #3 - programmers

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