This week has been filled with excitement! On Sunday, we hosted the SCRA (Steel City Robotics Alliance) Workshops at Carnegie Mellon. There were four sessions, each with 5-6 workshops, presented by various teams, mentors, judges and students, that attendees were able to choose from. We gave several workshops: Fundraising 101, Beta-Testing Results and Building a Pipeline for Girls in FRC. Thanks to the following FRC teams 1708, 1743, 2051, 2656, 3260, 3955, 4031, 4150, 4467, 5740 and everyone else who participated, SCRA Workshops was a successful event! We also hosted a Food Drive to collect non-perishable food items for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank!

“It was an awesome opportunity to learn about other teams’ experiences!” -Kyra H., describing her time at SCRA Workshops.


On Tuesday, we had our ninth preseason meeting! This was the last technical subteam level training until our End of Preseason Project. In our End of Preseason Project, the team splits up into two teams: Blue
and Orange, to compete in a small game similar to Rebound Rumble. In the first business hour, the finance team wrote holiday letters to all our fantastic sponsors and invited them to our competitions! We also collected our Sarris Candies order forms for all the girls who fundraised through chocolate. Outreach continued brainstorming new events, working on event pages so we can keep our documentation up to par, and created a feedback survey for the workshops! The Media team began working on changes for the website, and started collecting tips to post on RookieFIRSTs!

GoSWeldingDuring the technical level training, we took the final steps before we can start building next week! In Programming we split the programming tasks for build season up among the girls based on experience and interest level. We also got a head start on the End of Preseason Project by setting up the project in RobotBuilder and Netbeans, since we’re using the old cRios. In Electrical training, we continued to learn about pneumatics! Last but not least, in Mechanical training we finished the Rosie manipulator arm that we have been working on for the last couple of months!

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