Hey all!

After having a snow day last week, the team was hard at work making up for lost time, after all there are only 31 days left until kickoff! This week everyone worked on the business side of the team: outreach, finance, and media.

The outreach team had a guest speaker, Dr. Kim Hyatt, who spoke about presentation skills. Dr. Hyatt showed the outreach team a sample presentation while she spoke about improving the team’s presentations. She even offered to review one of the team’s presentations. Thank you Dr. Hyatt!

The media girls were hard at work developing and editing content for the team’s social media sites. Other media girls worked on updating RookieFIRSTs and creating content for our Girls of Steel YouTube channel. Finally, a few girls worked on developing a Face Board for both mentors and students.

The finance team was busy proposing new ideas for fundraising events. Each girl came prepared with new ideas about specific events, which they then presented to the finance team. Each idea was discussed in depth after being presented. The girls also discussed their individual sponsors that they have been contacting throughout preseason.

Overall, the team had a very productive meeting this week, and everyone is certainly prepared for build season. Thanks again to Dr. Kim Hyatt for giving a presentation to the team.



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